Joe Licata Football Rising Stars Academy


Winter/Spring of 2021!

Spots are limited and will be first come, first served.  As soon as each group fills they will be taken off of the sign up below.


Sportsplex (90 Ridge Road, North Tonawanda NY, 14120)

Quarterbacks will focus on:

·        Getting the ball out quickly and accurately

·        Firm base

·        Two handed throws

·        Hip torque

·        Three step game from under center and catch throw timing out of gun.

·        Five step game from under center, and 3 step out of gun

·        Directional dovetail drops

·        Throwing on the run

·        Pocket movement

·        Ball handling from under center, and in gun

·        Film Study/QB talk

Wide Receivers will focus on:

  • Stance and get offs
  • Route running
  • Top of routes
  • Staying low out of breaks
  • Freeze framing the ball before tucking it away
  • Releases against press
  • Catching with distraction
  • Attacking the ball in the air

Offensive Linemen Will Focus on:

  • Stance and starts
  • Base blocking technique
  • Zone blocking technique
  • Working to second level and engaging
  • Double-team blocking
  • Down/Pull blocking
  • Pass Pro Posture (PPP)
  • 5-step Big on Big Protection
  • 3-step zone protection
  • Passing off defensive line stunts
  • Reading Defensive Fronts
  • Difference between fronts/pressures
  • Film study

Running Backs will focus on:

  • Stance and starts
  • Read keys in zone rushing schemes
  • Read keys in pin and pull rushing schemes
  • Pass blocking technique
  • Route running