When? 5-week, 10 session program every Monday and Wednesday from June 19th-July 26th

**Off the week of July 4th**

7:00-8:30 (5:30-7:00 time available if demand is high enough)

Includes one hour on field work and a half hour position meeting.

Where? Sportsplex (90 Ridge Road, North Tonawanda, NY 14120)


Things we focus on-

  • Getting the ball out quickly and accurately
  • Firm base
  • Two handed throws
  • Hip torque
  • Three step game from under center and catch throw timing out of gun.
  • Five step game from under center, and 3 step out of gun
  • Directional dovetail drops
  • Throwing on the run
  • Pocket movement
  • Ball handling from under center, and in gun
  • Film Study/QB talk

Wide Receivers 

Things we focus on-

  • Stance and get offs
  • Route running
  • Top of routes
  • Staying low out of breaks
  • Freeze framing the ball before tucking it away
  • Releases against press
  • Catching with distraction
  • Attacking the ball in the air
  • Film Study/WR talk

Offensive Line 

Things we focus on-

  • Stance and starts
  • Base blocking technique/Zone blocking technique
  • Second level reaching and engaging
  • Double-team blocking
  • Down/Pull blocking
  • Pass Pro Posture (PPP)
  • 5-step Big on Big Protection
  • 3-step zone protection
  • Passing off defensive line stunts
  • Reading Defensive Fronts
    • Difference between fronts/pressures
    • Film study/O-Line Talk 


Price- $425, due before the first session.

Returning members of Joe Licata Football are charged $400

Checks payable to Joe Licata Football, Inc. (email JoeLicataFootball@gmail.com for address)

Venmo- @JoeLicataFootball

Paypal- Paypal.me/JoeLicataFootball (Price is $440 or $415 for Paypal use)

*Must fill out the Waiver here*